Urbanformat is a joint venture that empowers property developers to realise their vision. We solve challenges with urban knowledge and business insights.

Fit the Future.
Sync the Present.

We are urban planners and business developers operating in the digital, social and physical space. We create visions that attract people.

The urban condition changes rapidly producing vast amounts of information, which challenge the foundations of doing business today. We help you build a future and legacy that inspires.

Urbanformat brings forward a different combination of expertise.

We believe in collaboration to secure the relevance of projects, leading to greater resources, generating better ideas and empowering execution.

  • Int.

    Int is an interactive business consultancy delivering expertise and excellence in:

    • Business development
    • Data modeling
    • Digital product development
    • Service development
    • Interface design

    Clients include Statoil, Godt levert, Zaptec and Eniro

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  • Splint

    Splintis a process leadership and communication consultancy delivering expertise in:

    • Process design and facilitation
    • Project management
    • Experience design and service staging
    • Communication and team-cohesion
    • Top down bottom up processes
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  • URBa

    Urba is an architecture and planning company delivering expertise and excellence in:

    • Architecture
    • Urban Design
    • Research & Analysis
    • Cultural management

    Works with property developers, private clients, public organizations and municipalities.

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We scale to cover the scope of any challenge. Our mission is to equip leaders with clear arguments to develop successful urban projects. By engaging stakeholders as a resource we reduce risk.

Here are our tools for action:


We place data into context to build the project profile and define a clear starting point.

Visual management

We visualise the data, facts and ideas to engage all stakeholders.


We design space and strategies that enhance user experience and maximize business revenue.

Regulation alignment

We align client ambitions with municipal regulations and user expectations securing process flow and common purpose.


We operate on social, physical and digital environments simultaneously to amplify results.

Digital smartness

We bring technology perspectives into the urban and social context.

Project management

We build skilled teams, create agile processes and set the Project Execution Plan with overview of risks, time and cost.

It’s easy to engage with Urbanformat.

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This are our levels of engagement:


120.000 NOK + MVA

This consists of two sessions with relevant stakeholders to understand the business case. We deliver an assessment of challenges and opportunities in the form of a presentation and/or website.

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Feasibility study

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Identify vision and develop project strategy, assessing program and validating the business case. Deliver strategy, project brief and criteria for success.

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We offer project management and design on the scope relevant to the project.

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